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Kid's Bible Club - 6 p.m.

Adult Bible Study - 6 p.m.



The History Of Our Church

The first Christian believers to meet regularly in weekly worship in what is now called Benton, Wisconsin was a congregation of Baptists that met in the open, near the stream (Cook Creek) just a bit west of the present Red Brick Church.  When the Primitive Methodists moved to the area from England in the early 1800's, they brought with them their church.  It was a style of worship and ministry that fit the frontier and the little Baptist congregation in Benton well.  Soon the two groups had merged and a small, one-room, white, wooden chapel was built on the site where the Red Brick Church stands today.


The early Primitive Methodists were miners.  The name "primitive" had the connotation of "original" in the early 1800's.  The churches were born through open-air meetings and lay ministry.  Most churches were pastored by men who mined all week and preached all weekend.  From the beginning the church trained its teachers, preachers and other ministers in the local church rather than in schools or seminaries.  The on-the-job training was a distinctive for these congregations.  But it wasn't the only one.


There was also an emphasis on the whole person in the church's ministries.  Both in local ministries and missions around the world, concentration was placed on medical programs, educational projects and evangelism with an emphasis in church planting.  These ministries had a practical quality and they popped up everywhere and often.  The various outreaches were not tied to a building or pastor.  They were spontaneous and Spirit-led.  Since the focus of ministry was on the "whole person" many of the stands the church took on alcohol, tobacco and social concerns helped foster an image of legalism.  But at the heart of the church's activity in these matters was a love for people and their well-being spiritually, mentally and physically.


The first little white church burned and was replaced by the Red Brick Church standing today.  A generous gift from Father Mazzuchelli helped the construction effort.  It served the church well for over 140 years.  But growth was impossible since it was surrounded by a cemetery.  A new location of worship had been the desire of the congregation for many years when the old public school became available.  The congregation felt this was the place the Lord would have them serve and we have been blessed by the facility and pray it will be a blessing to you as well as we minister with one another and reach the "whole person" for our Lord and His Kingdom.

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